Reality Changes Perception

Case Study

The Challenge


Belfast has 97 peace walls and barriers – some bigger and up for longer than the Berlin Wall, a legacy of decades of conflict in which thousands died over 30 years.


Working with eight women’s groups on opposite sides of the Peacelines for the past six months, at some of the city’s most controversial flashpoints, our team’s task was to create an exciting, interactive experience that allows the community to break down the walls or imaginary barriers between them to create something new, positive and visionary in a ‘virtually’ shared space that brings people together and threatens no one.

This will be  a valuable asset to community planning in the future and ensure residents have a real and tangible input into decision making particularly in interface areas, without risk or fear.


The women’s groups from Twaddell Ave-Ardoyne; Falls-Shankill, Ligoniel –Ballysillan and Short Strand-Inner East began the project individually and then came together to share ideas.


One group created a VR museum/Women In Search of Hope centre, another decided on a community ‘garden of reflection’ with a fountain , a third group created a new building which will share resources and is aimed at young people, a fourth has created a music-themed shared space. All projects have practical purpose and may become reality.


Capturing quality


Key to the experience was creating 4 realistic 3D environments in low poly which were uploaded to a Samsung smartphone and viewable on Samsung Gear and Oculus Go.  We chose this option over Vive and Rift for ease of use and accessibility.  The assets and experience were created using 3D Max and Unity.




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March 2018